martedì 19 aprile 2011

AGATHOCLES "Peel sessions 1997" finally out !!!

front cover

back cover

open outer sleeve

inner sleeve

the marbled red/white/clear vinyls for the "die-hard" edition (from # 001 to # 030 marked on silver ink)

the solid red vinyls for the limited edition (from # 031 to # 130 marked on red ink)

 the black vinyls for the regular edition (from # 131 to # 500 marked on black ink)

Last but not least our desire to dedicate this work to the living memory of John Peel R.I.P.

mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011


Hi guys and dolls...and welcome to our new site!

Yes, before "myspace " definitely become the place where everyone can know how many times you go to the toilet we decided to leave.
So here we are in a place much safer and suitable for our type of "activity".
Feel always welcome to visit and take care of all our pages to stay informed about our every move.
We will try to use this blog clearly, also promising to update as often as possible.
We invite everyone to leave a nice not undermined our efforts!

Until next time. Stay grind.
L & L